Parking Pal Review

I hate going anywhere by myself with the three kids. Trying to get all three out of the car is just a mess. My oldest one likes to run around while I try to get the younger ones out. I could yell all I wanted to but he was just too excited to go into Wal-Mart. I had no clue how I was going to get him to understand that he couldn’t run around or get him to set still. Talk about stressful!  
Well there is a solution after all, and its call Parking Pal.
Parking Pal is the bright and very colorful circle magnet that sticks the truck (or whatever vehicle you have). It has a hand print right in the middle. The child sticks his/her hand on the hand print and stands still until you’re ready to move. Who would have thought something so simple could relive so much stress.
I love having it. Instead of yelling at him to stand in one spot all I got to do is remind him to put his hand on the spot. He loves the lock of it and to him he thinks it’s a game. It works great, a simple solution to a big problem.
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