The Best Ways to Use Your Family Health Insurance

Health Insurance

There are many ways to take advantage of your family health insurance if you choose to invest in extra cover.   Prevention. Check your insurance policy and find out if preventative care is included. If it isn’t, this may be something you want to consider contacting your provider about and inquiring about the cost and […]

Dog Dramas

Dog Dramas

Owning a dog is great. They can be brilliant with children, give you a better lease of life and a source of joy and happiness for all. They can quite literally become part of the family. Yet things can go wrong sometimes, leaving you or the dog in varying amounts of trouble. There are ways […]

Playfoam Modeling Compound

This is a sponsored post. My kids love play dough, but it always seems to dry out really fast. When we got the chance to try out Educational Insights Playfoam Modeling Compound, right away I knew we had found a fun alternative to everyone’s favorite dough! This is squishable fun on the go! It never […]

Play Tape Review

This is a sponsored post. Have your kids discovered the fun of Play Tape yet? If your family loves to build epic roads for racing, and you are going to be at WalMart, you are going to want to check this out so you can score some FREE Playtape Curves! Play Tape Curves take the […]

Zippy Cars Magnetic Game

Zippy Cars Magnetic Game

This is a sponsored post. Encouraging children to play is essential to developing a love of learning. However many toys aimed at young children are very basic, and simply involve repetition as the source of play. When we got to try the Zippy Cars Magnetic Game, we knew this was a fun choice for playful early […]

Sydney Paige offers Stylish Backpacks

This is a sponsored post. Kids and backpacks go together like hands and gloves! With 3 kids in school, I understand the cost of finding a great bag and how important it is to invest in quality. I have had the displeasure of replacing backpacks halfway through the school year! Sydney Paige offers stylish backpacks […]

Smarttemp By Infanttech Review

Temp Traq Review

This is a sponsored post. Thermometers have come a long way since I was a child! The days of sticking a mercury filled glass stick are gone, thankfully and there are so many wonderful ways to track a temperature in a sick child now! smarttemp by infanttech is one of the most innovative products for dealing […]

Lassig Mini Sports Bag Review

This is a sponsored post. Having children in a variety of sports means that having a great bag to hold their gear and keep it neat can be a big time and frustration saving tool! The trouble with finding a bag for kids is that many of them are too big, which often times leads […]

Milk-Bone’s Farmer’s Medley

Sportsache Mini Sports Bag

This is a sponsored post. National Dog Biscuit Day was on February 23rd and I was so happy to find the Farmer’s Medley line from Milk-Bone. I think about the food and quality ingredients I eat to fuel my life—and do the same for my dog Sadie. Whether it’s for training or treating, dog biscuits […]

Country Crush

Country Crush

This is a sponsored post. COUNTRY CRUSH A CONTEMPORARY NEW MUSICAL STARRING JANA KRAMER AND MADELINE MERLO COMES TO DVD MARCH 14 EXCLUSIVELY AT WALMART   Los Angeles, CA – Country comes to town when the new musical Country Crush is released on DVD on March 14 by Shout! Factory, available exclusively at Walmart. Starring […]