Ouidad : A Must For Every Hair

One of the main argument between my husband and I is my hair. He wants my hair down and  I want it up. I can’t stand how it looks down. It always frizzes out. I could use gel, but I don’t like how it makes my hair feel.  I recently found something that solves my frizz problem. […]

Spotlight Sponsor My Baby Compass

Being a first time parent is hard. I always thought that I would be a great parent. I loved babysitting. It wasn’t different than babysitting, right? WRONG!! I remember how scared I was when I had my first child and my third. With each child it get’s a little easier, but they each bring their […]

Spotlight Sponsor Shirts from Jusami

Finding clothes that my kids enjoy to wear is a hard task. When you got to consider the cost, comfort, and style it’s hard to finds something that fits all three.  Jusami does just that. They are the perfect shirt for every little one out there.    I got to try three different shirts from Jusami. I […]