25 Kid Friendly Pumpkin Recipes

pumpkin recipes

Who doesn’t love pumpkin? My son, at least he thinks. However, if you hide it one of these recipes bellow he loves it! These recipes are great for the upcoming holidays. Or simply to add a little fall taste to our meals! 1. Pumpkin Fudge  2. Pumpkin Muffins 3. Pumpkin Cupcakes  4. Light & Fluffy Pumpkin Pie – […]

Who needs a t.v. when you have children? 30 Funny Things Kids Have Said

Funny Kids Quotes

A woman told my daughter that she’s cute. My daughter replied: “I’m bad, but I’m BEAUTIFUL!” —ettkh(www.parentsconnect.com) Every time we turn our AC on it smells like urine in the house. Last night, I asked my husband what could be causing it, and my 5-year-old chimed in from the other room: “Oh, that’s because you […]

Holy Clothing Review

  I got to admit I love clothes. I have a specific type of clothing that I like. It has to be comfortable and looks good on me. The comfortable part is pretty hard for me to find. I recently had a chance to try a shirt from Holy Clothing. The shirt I tried from […]

NeoCell Review

Some things come and some things go. Your body, your skin, is here forever. It’s the number one thing that you think about on a daily base. As you threw different phases of life so does your body. NeoCell offers the products that you need to take care of you body.  I got to try […]