Table Foods That Are Toxic To Dogs

Many of us are guilty of occasionally “dropping” a piece of our food for the dogs to enjoy as a treat. In fact, you may even find your furry little one being given peanut butter or bread at the Vet’s office. We all know the golden rule of “No Chocolate For Dogs!”, but did you […]

Birds & Bees Coconut Body Scrub

I got to tell you about something that is great…the birds & bees. No, not that kind of birds and bees. Birds and Bees is  a company that is owned by a mother who had enough of harmful ingredients in products that her and her family. Instead of gripping about it she deiced to do something about […]

Skintactix: Complete Control of Acne

I am always worried about my face. I can’t stand having pimples or blackheads. I have tried a variety of products and nothing seems to help the blackheads go away. Recently I got to try Skintactix and it worked great.   I tried their Antibacterial Cleanser and Blackhead Dissolver. I noticed a huge difference in my […]

Noxicare A Cream You Need!

Have you ever had a pain in your body that seems not to go away no matter what you try? You train pain relievers and rubs, but still didn’t work.  Noxicare cream helps relieve that annoy and nagging pain. Noxicare is simple to use. All you have to do is apply it to the problem area two […]