Rock & Learn Sight Words DVD & Giveaway

I know so many parents are anti-television. I on the other hand like television. My children have learned so much from watching television. I have been asked by my son’s preschool teacher several times how much do you work with him at home. I work with him a little bit, but not a whole lot. […]

Spotlight Sponsor: EcoVessel

I am a huge fan of cups. If you like into my cabinets you will see several different kind of cups or water bottles. I also find one that looks better. However, I never find one that filters the water I drink. Well that is until recently that is.    I recently tried Eco Vessel Aqua Vessel […]

Spotlight Sponsor: Copy-Kids

“Monkey See-Monkey Do” It amazes me how quick some kids pick up on things just be seeing other kids doing it first.  Copy-Kids picked up on this very concept.   I hope I am no the only parent out there that has trouble getting their kid to eat vegetables or fruits. I know I have […]

Spotlight Sponsor: Giant Microbes Soap Dish

It’s hard to explain to little ones about germs. They just don’t understand why they need to wash their hands. They can’t see the germs, so a lot of them don’t think they are there. Giant Microbes has come up several different products to make learning about germs fun for the children. Each item comes with […]

Spotlight Sponsor: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Book & CD Set

My son is just in the beginning stages of reading. So I am always on the look out for things that might help him learn how to read. I recently stumbled across the Macmillan website.  Macmillan offers a variety of books that come with CDs. The cool part they have them both for adults and children. They don’t just […]