Calm the itch with TriCalm


6 years ago tomorrow I was blessed with a beautiful little boy. Little did I know that beautiful little skin of his is very sensitive. It was bad enough that he came home from school one day with a red rash on his cheeks and I knew right away someone put lotion on him. He […]

Taking Posy Lane duffle bag a long to games!


My son is in Kindergarten and is slowly getting into sports activities. He played football. Now he is playing basketball and soon he will be playing soccer. Outside of my son I have a 4-year-old and 1-year-old. I am use to carry a diaper bag around with everything I need for the little one. However after my first couple […]

10 Healthy Valentines Snacks For Kids

valentine snacks

   Cheese and Crackers   Pizza My Heart  (There is no photo for this. The link also has 8 other ideas!!)  Layered Jello Hearts  Strawberry Milkshake  Heart Milk Cubes  Chex Mix  Tomato Heart   Heart Shaped Boiled Eggs  : My son is an odd ball. He is extremely picky eater, but loves hard boiled eggs. He’s going to love […]