Oxbow Harvest Stacks Compressed Hay Western Timothy Small Animal Food

If you have a small pet such as a rabbit or guinea pig then I would highly recommend trying the Oxbow Harvest Stacks Compressed Hay Western Timothy Small Animal Food. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Compressed Hay

This stuff is amazing and very easy to use. We love using them for our Rabbit and our friends use this to feed their guinea pigs. This compressed hay has the same nutrients as loose hay but I love it because there is no mess when putting it into the rabbit’s cage. It provides them the fiber they need to keep their digestive system very healthy. It is a 100% natural product which is good for your pet and since it’s compact and compressed it is in easy to feed portions.

This package will last several days depending on how much your pet weighs. Hay should actually make up to around 75 percent of your pets diet, so feeding them these everyday will help make sure that they get what they need to live a healthy life. Plus these are nice if you are traveling since they have less dust than loose hay. You can feed your pet these as their primary source of hay or combine them with loose hay. You can also use these to feed Chinchillas if you have them. You will love using these since they are so easy and my rabbit really loves this. He seems to love this more than his loose hay but that is just him.

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