Office-Appropriate Diamond Jewellery for the Millenial Girl

The world is gradually reeling from the after-effects of Covid 19. Still, things do not feel the same as before anymore. Everyone is busy adapting to the “new normal.” At the same time, many offices continue to operate remotely. While others have resumed the conventional way, taking all the precautions, of course. However, with the long break of the pandemic, you might have taken out some time to refurbish your wardrobe or upgrade your home.  

But, when it comes to matching accessories and jewelry, things might still be the same. Apart from your wristwatch and the homecoming present on your wrist, you might find nothing that seems suitable to wear at work. 

Trust us. We have all been there. And that is why we bring you just some of the best ways to make a statement with office-appropriate jewelry options. And since it revolves around the diamond, chances of you going wrong are next to impossible. 


1. Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are fairly very popular with women of all age groups. They look exquisite and classy upon being worn. As a thumb rule, don’t go flashy or over the top when it comes to office jewelry.  

So, to be safe, stick with drop and stud styles. You could go to one of the popular choices, such as gold, platinum, and white gold. Then you can move to choose the shape of a diamond and accordingly place your order. For example, a princess cut, a classic round cut, pear shape, etc., work great for everyday wear. 

But, if you have any metal allergies, before purchasing anything, go for a metal allergy test.  

2. A diamond pendant

A diamond pendant looks amazing with a work shirt. In fact, it’s a perfect choice if you want to put in extra effort to come across as professional. Be it either a presentation day or meeting day. This option can be incorporated effortlessly. There are a plethora of options to choose from. Either you could go in for a simple single stone or maybe a little more delicate and decadent design.

3. Diamond ring 

Who says that only a guy can get you a diamond ring? You are a modern woman, and you have worked hard on the professional ladder to get where you are today. Celebrate your success by gifting yourself a diamond ring. 

There are plenty of diamond cuts to choose from, like oval cut, emerald cut, cushion cuts, etc. And if you already have a design in mind, you can get yours even customized by getting loose diamonds and transforming them into pieces of your own creation. You could select it for a single solitaire setting or maybe get them in a halo or vintage look. 

4. A chic bracelet

No office is always work and no play. So for office get-togethers or work tours, a chic diamond bracelet would work correctly. Whether it is a sleeveless shirt or a pencil skirt ensemble, it will go with everything. You could either go in for a chain or a fixed setting like a tennis bracelet and let it sparkle all your table conversations.


We hope this helps you to take your best fashion foot forward and turn heads at your work. You are a lady of substance, and just like this beautiful stone, nothing can ever break you. Keep hustling and shining like a diamond. 

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