Nûby’s™ Wash or Toss™ Cups

Sippy Cups are a mom’s best friend! As we all know kids sometimes spill their drinks, which leads to a bit of a mess for mom. Well, there are times, like when we are in the car on a long trip to see family that I simply don’t need a mess to contend with. My little one gets a sippy cup and everything goes well.

The issue with using a sippy cup for travel is how do you wash it on the go? I don’t want to pack a bunch of bulky cups anymore than I want her to drink out of the same cup all day long after it has been dropped and rolled around under feet and on the floor of the truck. What is a mom to do?

I have found the solution, thanks to Nuby! Let me tell you a little bit about this product that takes the issue out of using a sippy cup for travel.
Nûby’s™ Wash or Toss™ Cups are durable enough to use again and again, affordable enough to be disposable. These cups are perfect for an afternoon in the park or everyday home use! Additionally, the cups and spouts are easily stackable for travel or home storage.
My daughter loved that they were Spongebob themed. My older kids were a little jealous over the cups because what kid doesn’t love Spongebob? I liked that there were durable and stackable. The cups could be used again and again they are that durable! But they are inexpensive, so I don’t feel bad if I have to toss one in the trash.  I liked that they are leak proof and easy for me to open, but my daughter cannot get the lid off. That is a great feature in a cup in my opinion! I recommend this cup for parents that need a cup they can toss {available at Dollar General!}

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