Nuby all Silicon Feeding Spoons

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Opinions are a 100 percent my own.

I don’t know how it is possible, but our baby is old enough to eat baby food. He is interested and enthusiastic about anything offered on a spoon these days, which makes me excited to discover his preferences with him!
We are making spoon feeding a breeze with Nuby all Silicon Feeding Spoons. These are great for children 4 months and older. They are gentle on tender gums, and colorful to catch baby’s attention.
Nuby all Silicon Feeding Spoons
 I love how easy to clean the Nuby All Silicon Feeding Spoons are. I also like how they take some of the worries away when it comes to feeding baby Lee. I don’t have to worry about him biting a metal spoon and hurting his mouth or irritating his gums as he teethes.
These spoons are available at Babies ‘R us and are affordable. These make a great option for parents and caregivers that are starting to spoon feed. I would recommend these to anyone based on their affordability, design with a baby in mind, ease of use and easy cleaning features.

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