Nuby Cups For Everyone

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I love spoiling my Nieces and Nephews with new Sippy Cups, these days they seem to have some really cute fun ones and so I love getting them and gifting them. I love the Nuby Design series Clik-It ™ Grip N’ Sip sippy cup. I bought one for Nephew and his Wife when I found out they were expecting a baby girl. This sippy cup is a perfect one for using once your little one is old enough to start using a sippy cup. This is recommended for ages 4+ Months but my Nephew gave it to his daughter around age 6 months. The Handles on the side make it easy for your little one to hold onto and drink from. I also love the fact that you hear the lid click once it’s on tight.

I also had to spoil my Nephew’s Daughter with the Flower Child ™ 2 Handle no Spill Cup. This cup is so fun and cute looking, it really does look like a flower. The Spout is soft silicone and it encourages natural drinking action which helps with Oral Development. The handles look like leaves and I’m excited to see how well she loves using this cup. Nubby always has great sippy cups for kids of all ages and levels of drinking which is why I love them so much.

I can’t leave out my great nephew’s, I love spoiling them also for one of my great nephews I ended up getting the Flip Spout Easy Grip Cup in blue. I got him this one because he rides in the car a lot with his parents, and they are often out and about. This cup has a straw that flips out and he can put back down when he is done drinking plus it holds 10 ounces of fluid so it lasts him a while. This cup is recommended for 9 months and older. My great nephew is 13 months old and loves his cup, he carries it around with him everywhere he goes. The design also makes it easy for his little hands to hold onto.

Last but certainly not least is the Clik-It ™ Soft Spout insulated cup, I ended up getting this for one of my younger great nephews. He is only 9 Months old but wants to do the same thing that his older brother is doing. This cup is recommended for 6 plus months and at 9 months old he seems to do really well using it. This cup has an insulated base which helps to keep liquids cool longer which is nice since he doesn’t drink as fast. This Cup also has the Click Lid as I like to call it, you twist the lid on til you hear it click and that’s how you know it’s on tight. The Spout on this cup is also soft making it easier on your little one’s gums. You honestly can’t go wrong with any of these Sippy Cups for your little ones.

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