Nordic Naturals® What’s Essential Rescue Pet Photo Contest

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The concept of Pet Rescue is very special to me for many way reasons. The most important reason is my dog, Sadie Girl, she was rescued. Although, she was rescued in a nontraditional but all too common way. Sadie Girl was abandoned by her first set of owners. She was found in front of my friends house. She was very friendly and loved her kids to death. She was also very skinny. Between her and I we spent two weeks trying to find the owners in every way possible  No luck. My friend couldn’t have a dog because of medical issues with the family and I couldn’t have one because of our landlord had a no dog policy. So we resorted to the shelter in a near by town. The shelter reported to us that Sadie Girl would have to be “put down” because she was a pit bull and a had a one pit bull policy. This broke my heart because she was beyond the most friendly dog I have ever seen. The most harm she would do is lick ya to death. I began my mission to find her a home. No luck. No one could or wanted to take her in. After several phone calls pestering my land lord she agreed to let us have a dog. Sadie Girl has blessed this family with so much love. She’s more than a pet to us; she’s part of the family. 

As a member of this family I do what I can to give her the best care possible. Nordic Naturals has been my go to site to give her the vitamins she needs to have a healthy life!! Nordic Naturals really care about the health of all four legged friends. For a limited time they are doing a What’s Essential Rescue Pet Photo Contest. In honor of Paws for Veterans and Animal Shelter Dogs. Find out more information bellow!! 

Nordic Naturals® What’s Essential Rescue Pet Photo Contest :Supporting Paws for Veterans and Animal Shelter Dogs

If you have opened your heart to a rescue dog or cat, pet owners can enter Nordic Naturals What’s Essential Rescue Pet Photo Contest by uploading a special photo on the company’s Facebook page located at Two grand prize winners will be chosen on August 1st and will receive a prize pack that includes:


  • A 3-month supply of Nordic Naturals Omega-3 pet products and human products – you choose from a list of qualifying Nordic Naturals’ products
  • Dog and cat goodies including collapsible water bowl, chew toy, doggie bags and a plush fish toy
  • The Dog Bible: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and The Cat Bible: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know books by Tracie Hotchner
  • A custom canvas painting of your pet by
  • Mr. or Ms. Omega-3 Pet Award Certificate
  • Profile featured on the Facebook app

The contest supports the nonprofit Paws for Veterans ( and voting for your favorite pet photo on Facebook earns dollars for this important organization. This is a win-win for everybody — rescue dogs are given a purpose in a loving, forever home, service members experience the healing power of their new canine partners, and Facebook Fans enjoy the satisfaction of knowing their vote in the contest sends $1 to Paws for Veterans (up to $5000).

To enter on Facebook:

  • Upload your pet’s photo between 6/28 and 7/18
  • Vote for one of the finalists from 7/19 to 7/31  then see the winners on 8/1

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