NIV The Plans I have for you Holy Bible

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If you have young children then I highly recommend using the NIV The Plans I have for you Holy Bible. This book is great for kids who want to learn more about the bible and the plans God has for us.

This Bible is good for kids ages 8-12 and it reinforces God’s big plan for them in the world. In a world full of trouble, I love that my kids can go to this book and look for answers to help them out in difficult times.

 NIV The Plans I have for you Holy Bible

This Book has key verses from the bible in it along with explanations of God’s Plan so that kids can apply it to their lives today. This makes a great gift for kids, we ended up getting one for all of our young kids to go along with their full version bibles. They enjoy this Bible and find easy to read and use it as one of their go to books at night.

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good Children’s Bible, it truly is a great product for those wanting to teach their younger kids about the stories from the Bible and about God’s love.

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