NIrV Once Upon a Time Holy Bible

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We all know that the Bible is not a Fairy Tale, but all great stories happened once upon a time. With the Once Upon a Time Bible children are able to read some of the greatest Bible stories in a way that they will comprehend.

NIrV Once Upon a Time Holy Bible

This Book contains six great stories from the Bible on 24 Full-Color inserts. Each story is about 4 pages long making it perfect for keeping little one’s attention. We love using this with our little kids and have even given a version to our friends’ kids. It is a great book for in the car or at night before bed, or just whenever. We use it during Bible study time for the little kids to help them understand what we are talking about or what we are reading about in the bible.

This is also a great bring along when you are headed to church, the littles can enjoy looking through and reading this when it is time for them to be in a quiet and reverent mood. I highly recommend this to anyone with little kids.


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