Why You Need To Stop When The Fun Stops

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There’s a lot out there for us to enjoy; dinners, films, nights out, dates – all sorts of things. When we come home from work on a Friday, the fun starts. We head out and the weekend can become quite a blur. By Sunday, it has all settled down, and we might be nursing quite the headache. We all do it, well – most of us, anyway. Partying and living the good life are enjoyable – and like everything, should be enjoyed in moderation.


This good life, it brings a lot to the table. Nearly all of the time, it’s alcohol, but parties do have corners where other addictive substances can be found. We’re not here to judge, but there comes a point when push comes to shove and you need to consider the way forward. If you’re living a bit too much of the good life, you might need to pull the reigns back in and take control before it gets too late.


We’re sold the idea of living fast, but it doesn’t work. We are not made out for sipping bottle after bottle of Becks. We can’t handle substances – in fact, we can become reliant on these things. The most innocent of them, alcohol, is still a  huge, huge danger. If we do not respect it, and insist on abusing it, it can ruin our life. Alcohol is a widely available substance, and it is incredibly addictive. Why? Because the buzz gained from alcohol helps people feel good. If you’re on a downer because of personal issues, alcohol can – in a sense – be a cure. It will make you happy, it will make you calm, it will make you carefree, and it will make you ignorant of your pain, at first anyway. This isn’t right, pain only makes us alive, and if we try to fight it with substances like alcohol, we can become dependant on it. That can ruin our life and by the time we realize its damage, it could be too late. The thing is, the abuse of substances can not just ruin lives. It can also be quite the career killer. A promising career has never been forged from substance abuse, and while some stars in life might praise addictive substances, they certainly got lucky. Not many people make it out of addiction with any prospects, or money. There’s not much benefit that stems from spiralling down an addictive path. Alcohol addiction is physically noticeable. Good luck hiding it.


You can still have a quality time without alcohol though, and you will not have to go looking hard for it. Fun with family, a night out at the movies, exercise and sober drinking are the ways to go. When you realize that it’s not necessarily the substances that provide the fun, you might be able to help your mind process your relationship with them.


It’s when the fun stops that you need to worry. Addictive substances should never be the central activity. If they are, you are dependent on them and the fun will stop. However, there is plenty of support available for you. It might be hard to kick an addiction to the curb, but it can be done and support will always be on hand, but only if you want it!


If you don’t stop when the fun stops, you can easily find yourself addicted to substances. You will also find that it is the substance that is in control and not yourself. When you’re in this stage, you will find it hard to do anything, let alone quit. It is important to realise your situation when the fun stops, as this is the point where you can actually change your path before you fall from the wagon. If you actively realise you are dependent on a substance seek help. While it is certainly never too late to seek out help, the earlier you do it, the better the results. If you manage to curb an addiction early you can stop the physical and mental effects from taking hold of you, which is key. The roots of addiction can run deep, which is why it is such a powerful thing. Of course, you can avoid addiction altogether by avoiding alcoholic and addictive substances. However if you do drink alcohol, you should certainly drink responsibly at all times.


Partying, living the good life – all that stuff is fun. However, when our lives are plagued by addiction, we could find ourselves wishing we chose a different course of action. When we find ourselves becoming dependent on addictive substances, it is past time to stop and change our ways.


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