Need Help with Price Matches? Price Matcherz to the rescue!!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are a 100 percent my own! (Who doesn’t love saving money!!)

Saving money at the grocery store is important, but as a busy mom there are too many times that I simply don’t have time to clip, sort and match up coupons to save a few dollars. Feeding a family of 5 takes time, effort and money. Wouldn’t it be great to save some money without clipping all of the coupons?

There is a site that is changing the way I shop at Walmart, without coupons! Let me tell you a little about and how they helped me stock up on grilling items without coupons!

Need Help with Price Matches? Price Matcherz to the rescue!!

What the folks at Price Matcherz do is this: they pull the best items from all of the weekly ads and create a list of them for you to use. So I took this list WITH me to Walmart and at checkout let them know what the price is and which store I am price matching. This was handy!!

My best deals were on ball park hot dogs, Oscar Mayer hot dogs, and Kingsford charcoal! I got stocked up on 4 bags of charcoal for $5 each, a savings of $4 per bag! We are all set for our next few grill outs! And we saved so much time and money with the site that there is no way I will shop at Walmart without my list from Price Matcherz again!

Need Help with Price Matches? Price Matcherz to the rescue!!

To use this service and save money at Walmart without using coupons all you need to do is:

  • Print the list for your city from the website.
  • Don’t forget to take this list with you when you go to Walmart!
  • Set your price match items aside and let the cashier know you are price matching as each item is rang up.

This is a time saver and a great and easy way to save money on the things you are going to buy anyhow. No clipping required!

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