What Mums Should Do For Fitness And Health

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I know a lot of mum’s struggle with losing their ‘baby bellies’ and weight that they seem to have accumulated while pregnant. Many women believe that they have no chance of looking good after a baby. This is false! You can still look amazingly fit and healthy after having a baby. All you need to do is get stuck in and be prepared to stick to your routine. When you’re in it for the long haul, you won’t need starvation diets. You won’t need to work out for hours every day. In fact, you’ll find it enjoyable. Here’s what mums should do for fitness and health:


Stop Making Excuses


Most people make excuses. They say they don’t have the energy. Little do they know, that by eating for health and getting in some exercise, they’d have more energy than ever before! They say they don’t have the time. But all many people would need to do is get up half an hour earlier each day, or find a small segment of their day to do an intense but quick workout. They say they don’t have the money, failing to realise they can get fit without any equipment at all. Stop making excuses today. Make your health and fitness a priority rather than an afterthought.
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Find A Fitness Routine You Enjoy


You should enjoy your fitness routine. Most people think they don’t like exercise, but they just haven’t found the right type for them. You can start off small and work your way up if you need to. Just make sure you find it fun. Kayla Itsines has a bikini body guide many women are using, but you should read reviews first.


Eat To Enhance Your Health


You should be eating to enhance your health too. This means plenty of natural foods. Don’t follow fad diets, and don’t eat ‘low calorie’ foods or foods that are marketed as diet foods. You’re much better off eating real food that will fill you up for longer and have better effects on your health.



Set An Example For Your Kids


Make sure you’re setting a good example for your kids. You need to tread carefully here, as there’s a fine line between teaching them healthy habits and giving them disorders and complexes. When they see you taking care of yourself in a healthy way, they’ll want to do the same.


Watch Your Alcohol Intake


I know some mums enjoy having a drink to unwind once the kids have gone to bed. But make sure you watch your alcohol intake. Drinking too much will undo all of your hardwork, and isn’t very good for your health. Some wines can be considered healthy in moderation, but too much alcohol can be calorific and bad for the body. Be smart!


If you really want to look and feel great, you need to make it a priority. Stop making excuses and start taking small steps in the right direction today. Enjoy yourself and you’ll stick to it. Have fun!


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  1. says

    Being a mom should not stop us from getting fit. We should always make sure that we look good not for our husbands but for our own confidence. Definitely love this post!


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