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On the road again. Oh the joys of traveling. Kids screaming they are bored and asking the famous question “are we there yet!” I am sure we all have  been there a

 I love these toys for road trips for several reasons. They don’t take up much space and they don’t make noises!!   The board folds in half so it makes easy for traveling. The thirty plus stickers fit on two different sheets that you can stick in between the board when traveling. My son got the Robots and my daughter got the Princesses one. My son is five and he really gets into playing with these boards. I love listening to him talk as he is pretending the robots are talking to each other. My daughter has proudly named  the princesses after her and her sister. The prince is Daddy. She says because the prince is strong and so is daddy. I just love how these boards encourage them to use their imagination. Between my son and daughter these stickers have been removed and placed on the board several times and they still stick! tons times.  I have found the perfect solution for keeping kids entertained on trips. It’s Mudpuppy’s Play Scene’s.

Do you have  a little busy body that  you need something to distract  them when traveling?  Mudpuppy has fourteen different play scenes. You are sure to find one that would be perfect for your  little one.

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Princesses Play Scene 11.00 at Online Store 

Robots Play Scene 11.00 at Online Store 

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  2. These look like so much fun! My 4 year old & I are waiting in the van every afternoon at 2 schools picking up kids & these would be great to have!

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