Motorcycle Visibility Tips – advice all bikers should know

There’s nothing more exhilarating than the roar of your motorbike engine, as you fly down roads and highways. It gives riders a great sense of freedom and excitement and it’s one of the reasons why motorbikes are incredibly popular. 

Sadly, many motorcycle riders are familiar with the dangers involved in riding a bike on main roads. With many crashes involving cars and trucks, who for a wide variety of reasons, didn’t see the bike and rider until it was too late. Caught up in an accident? Click the link if you’re looking for a firm of lawyers

Safety is vital for anyone who rides a bike, and most bike riders are taught to ride defensively and be hypervigilant whilst on the road. 

Visibility plays a huge role in motorcyclists keeping themselves safe on the road. So, here we’ll take a look at some simple, motorcycle visibility tips and advice that all bikers should know.

Bright bikes 

Motorcycles are much smaller than the cars and trucks that are on the road, which makes them difficult to spot, especially if a car driver only glances in their mirror before turning. One way to combat this issue is by riding a brightly coloured bike. An electric green motorcycle is much easier to spot at a distance than a black one.  

Bright safety gear

Just like your bike can help you get spotted, so can your safety gear. Not only can your safety gear save your life, but it can also improve the chances of you being spotted by other road users. A brightly coloured helmet, a high-visibility jacket over your leathers are simple yet highly effective ways to get drivers to pay attention.

Reflective tape is your friend

You can increase your visibility levels even further by adding some reflective tape to your bike. This can be added around your wheel rims or anywhere else on your bike that headlamps are likely to reach.

Add some extra lights 

Sidelights for your bike, or even lights that attach to your helmet. By adding extra lights onto your bike, you’ll automatically increase your visibility at night. Making drivers take extra care whilst you’re riding in their vicinity.

Don’t forget about your horn

Many of us are under the impression that the horn is used to express our anger and frustration at other drivers’ incompetence. However, they’re actually there to make other road users aware of your presence.  Don’t be afraid to use it. 

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