I have four very active kids. They are always doing different things and one thing I have learned over the years is that every moment is precious! I am constantly trying to catch as many moments as I can on the camera, but some activities are a little harder to do. That’s where Monster Digital Vision HD Plus Action Sports Camera comes in very handy! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Get the top-of-the-line camera in Monster Digital’s Action Sports Series. Don’t compromise! Capture the most extreme video action in 1920×1440 while taking pictures, control your camera with the included app, instantly share the footage on the built-in 2” LCD screen with your friends on the slopes or save to your smart phone and share online with your followers. The Monster Action Set includes a dust & waterproof case, a curved quick-release mount for your helmet, a flat quick release mount for your board, a handlebar mount for your bike and a suction cup mount for your dashboard. With the Monster Vision 1080p+ you are ready to race, shred, carve, dive, and drop.

Monster Digital Vision HD camera is beyond perfect for this household! The moment I got it out of the package they were fighting over who gets to use it first. My oldest son wanted to put it on my youngest so we can see how it looks while he was crawling around. My youngest daughter wanted to run around with it on her head.  My husband is a coach (of all sports!) so he wants to use it for practices and show how they can improve. He also plans to use it on the 4 wheeler this summer. The possibilities you can do with the camera is endless.

The kit it comes with has everything you need for whatever idea you may have. It comes with different attachments and straps. It also has a case to put the camera in. The camera was super easy to run. So much so that even my ten-year old  could do it! Yesterday was the last day of summer, and we plan to put this camera good use this summer!

What would you use this camera for?

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