Minute For Mom: Week 9/16

minute for mom

Okay, I failed this week. I didn’t get much free time for myself. When I did I was cleaning. I washed everyone’s bedding and did up all of our laundry. I did my good cleaning. I try to do weekly but missed it last week and made up for this week. On top of the cleaning I also manage to go shopping at JcPenny’s Saturday. I hit major deals!! I got an outfit for my husband. I got 4 pants, 1  shorts, and 2 shirts for Zoey. I also got 1 pair of shorts and 5 shirts for Bryson. I got all this for 43 dollars on the dot! Not bad hugh! 

This weeks goal is pretty much the same. I have to return my book to the library so I hope to start and finish reading it. Although, that might be wishful thinking. My birthday is on the 27th and we are celebrating it this weekend. 

What’s your plan for your minutes for mom this week?


  1. my husband is away at a conference this week, so I have lots of time for mommy moments when the kids go to bed. This week I worked on a fault art craft. Very excited about it.

  2. I am so hoping to be able to get in one hour of crafting time every week. It is truly an outlet for me and I so need it!

  3. I try SO hard lately to take more “me” time…. I really need to learn to balance work and kiddos and me. But even just doing my nails once a week has been a boost – and it only takes a little bit of time. 🙂

  4. I have a list of things I want to do that is a mile long, but I know I won’t get even a fraction of it done. Moms stay pretty busy huh? Happy Early Birthday!

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