Minute For Mom (A day late..)

minute for mom

Oh My! What a week! 

Last week went by so fast. It was over before I could blink. I did have a pretty productive week. Did I read? Yep, but not my Nicholas Spark book. I chose to read the Potty Boot Camp book. I am hoping to start potty training Carly Jo soon, so I wanted to read up on it so more. Kind of a refresher.  On top of reading I done a lot of clean up!! Carly Jo left a huge mess for me this week to clean up. To hear about that you will have to come back tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday or Terrible Two-sday post! My free time this weekend was spent on spending time with my family and putting together my new fish tank!!

fish tank

My plans for this week is pretty simple. I would like to actually list several items on ebay. It amazes me how much a person can accumulate junk! LOL! We for sure have our fair share of junk. But one person’s trash can be someone else’s treasure. This weekend is opening weekend for the Pumpkin Patch. I am going to take my kids there this weekend. I have a few surprises planned for the pumpkins!! 

I love fall!! What’s your plan for your free minutes this week?


  1. very cute fish tank. I feel like I am constantly cleaning up messes. I will have find out more about Potty Boot Camp I am trying to potty train my daughter

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