Mighty Mug To The Rescue

This year I had to find gifts for a few people in my life that I consider to be hard to shop for. They either have everything, asked for nothing, or I didn’t know them well enough to buy a personal gift. But, I found the perfect solution that anyone can use and appreciate; a Zak’s Mighty Mug.  The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review.

mighty mug

Let me tell you what I love about these handy mugs. They have a feature that many mugs lack and that is patented technology! The design of the mug secures it to the surface it sits on to avoid spills. The mug “locks” into place and can be lifted away, but can’t be knocked over!  This is the perfect gift for parents, even though they might not know they need it yet!

mighty mug

You can find these in a variety of colors for about $20 and they even have prints that kids will love, prices start at about $15. There are so many ways that you can gift these in a meaningful way without breaking the bank. Filling the cup with candy, a gift card to a favorite coffee shop, or even adding some tiny trinkets to it make a great way to spread some cheer and give a useful gift that will be appreciated!

mighty mug

If you need a gift that will wow, for someone you might find hard to shop for, check out the line of Zak’s drink-ware. They make options for just about anyone you can think of, from kids to adults.

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