Mealtimes with Nuby #2017WOMRGIFTGUIDE

Do you have a little one who is finally starting to eat on their own. Now you can make meal and snack time more fun with these cute utensils from Nuby. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


One of my nephews favorite things is his Nuby Snack and sip and cup. We keep cheerios in snack compartment and his milk or juice in the cup so he can enjoy them both easily whether at home or one the go. This is so fun and easier for your little to use. Or how about an IMonster Snack keeper, this thing is so awesome and fun looking and the little one’s love this. It’s unique and fun and they love sticking their hands it to get their snacks. It’s BPA free and its unique design helps things from spilling. The snacks are stored inside so your little one can stick their hands in his mouth and grab their treat.


I also got my nephew an IMonster Plate, Bowl and Fork and Spoon pack. These are so unique and so fun and them make meal time fun. As your little one eats their food off their plate they will uncover the monsters mouth and it’s fun to see. The Fork and Spoon are so fun looking they make using utensils fun. They are easy to hold and perfect for learning to eat since they are not sharp at all. Then there is the fun IMonster bowl that is just the perfect size for little one’s. Whether you are helping them eat or they are eating on their own this bowl is great for cereal or fruit slices and more. These are so fun and makes kids excited to learn to eat of their own. I would definitely suggest getting these is you have little ones.

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