Make Room For Another Baby With These Inspired Ideas

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When you know you want to have a bigger family, it can be truly heartbreaking to face so many practical obstacles. The money will always be a factor, but space can also be tight in your family home. Making room for a new arrival may seem like an impossible dream. So what can you do when you know you need more bedrooms and plenty more room for your newborn?


Ideally, you should start planning to grow your home before you grow too big yourself. As your pregnancy progresses, you will find it harder and harder to cope with any disruptions in your home. This is especially true if you have a strong nesting instinct! If you know you want more children, consider some of the ways you can increase your home space.


If you have yet to discover Taylor Estate Agents and other online property services, then you may be missing out on a wealth of homes that may suit you. Moving house is a big thing to consider. You want to use the right agent to help you make the transitions quickly and smoothly. It is common to sell your home through the agent you buy the next one from. This can reduce the hassle of dealing with extra people in the sales chain.


You may have to stay in your local neighbourhood for the sake of the kids. Moving schools can be really tough on the little ones. And interrupting a teenager’s schooling can bring plenty of woes too! But you may find that you can get more for your money if you are willing to move to a new area. There will always be expensive neighbourhoods to live in. But there are also those that are incredibly good value for money. Try focussing your property hunt on these hidden gems.


Of course, if moving really isn’t an option for you, there are plenty of other choices available. You may have a good sized garden. Now could be the time to reclaim some of that land for a living space, downstairs bedroom, or a double storey extension. Properties on corner plots are often easiest to extend in the way you want.


Extensions are not cheap to do. You need to hire professional tradespeople to take on the heavy work. But they can be less disruptive than altering the internal layout of the house. Converting basements and lofts can be harder to live with when you’re pregnant or at home all day. All of these options will probably require the services of an architect. A builder will ensure the property can withstand this transformation successfully. A good architect will be able to offer you several options.
House Extensions With Sliding Doors
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Extending your home could provide you with the extra bedroom you need as well as more space downstairs. A bigger kitchen or even that dream nook you dreamed of could be possible. When you start a big project like this, consider the extra value it will give you financially as well. After all, it’s a huge investment. You want to be sure you’ll make that value back if you sell the property.


Converting the loft space sometimes requires a precedent in your neighbourhood. Take a walk along your street and see if anyone else has already done that. You may see windows in the roof as a sign they were successful. There are very strict regulations on loft conversions these days to ensure they are compliant with the latest safety laws. Not all attics or lofts are suitable. It may be best to speak to a specialist, or your neighbour first.


You may have an extra downstairs room that may suit an older child or teen as a bedroom. Dining rooms, studies or even walk-in-larders can be successfully converted. Not many parents are happy with having their children sleeping on a different level of the house to them, though. It’s something you will need to consider carefully. Making use of this space to accommodate your new arrival may be essential, though!


Have you thought about the kids sharing a room? Sometimes siblings prefer to share a room rather than sleep on their own. You may need to swap rooms, so they have the bigger space. But bunk beds often provide the extra sleeping space you need without having to create a bigger room. Best of all, they are so much fun for children!


Your new baby is likely to sleep in your room while they are still receiving night feeds. This could buy you some extra time to consider what you want to do with the house. However, it can be dangerous for small babies to live in dusty environments if you do remodel. And all the extra noise will make nap time quite difficult for them. There are many considerations, but you may be running out of time.
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Where you place the cot may lead you to make some more decisions. You may be able to create a small nursery room just big enough for a cot by putting up a stud wall in a larger room. If you can store your clothes elsewhere for a couple of years, why not take out your fitted wardrobes? This could create the extra space you need. Don’t forget, the room must have windows for ventilation and natural light. If you don’t have a double aspect room to convert, you may struggle to make this suggestion work for you.


Of course, the cot years can be spent in your room with you. This can buy you plenty of time to seek a new property for your family to live in. You won’t feel as rushed to find the perfect property as you do when you’re pregnant. You can peruse the estate agent windows in a more leisurely manner. And it can give you time to consider a move further away to coincide with school or job changes.


Making room for another baby isn’t always easy. And sometimes there will be too many obstacles to overcome to find a permanent solution right away. You need to consider your health and comfort through your pregnancy too. See what you can make of your home today.


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