How to look like a million dollars without actually spending one

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As the years move on our face can take a battering from the stresses of life as well as the weather. We all strive to maintain a youthful look which for most people leads to improved self-confidence and increased motivation to try new things.

How to look like a million dollars without actually spending one
Use makeup to change the way you look
Makeup has come a long way from just blushers and lipstick. With the wide range of products available you can really achieve your desired look.

  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Face Baking Powder
  • Highlighter
  • Illuminating Powder
  • False Eye Lashes

Using these products and a host of others readily available to purchase, can really change the way your face looks, allowing your face to appear more contoured, cheek bones look higher and chiselled, lashes longer & fuller, ears appear pinned back and overall giving you that million dollar catwalk look, without costing you the earth. You can find a lot of makeup tutorials online or attend makeup classes to help you learn how to apply and master the techniques.

Choosing Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic surgery has been around for years and is now much more affordable, and the advancement of modern technology has made changing the shape of your face or achieving that youthful look much more attainable. If you live in a hot climate like Australia, and are an active person, you may want your hair up and away from your face. Some people feel their ears stick out too much to allow them to do so, and will consider ear pinning as a solution. There are many cosmetics surgeons that carry out this procedure, but do take the time to discuss this fully with your partner, a family member or a close friend as it is a medical procedure.
Consult a specialist
It is important to note that for any cosmetic procedure you should have a consultation with a medical professional before having the procedure conducted. For ear pinning in Perth a professional like, can provide intensive consultation before this type of surgery.
Ear pinning can result in increased self-confidence. Just a little change in the way your face looks can bring much needed confidence to any individual, and even a small amount of new found confidence can change ones outlook and expectations.

Rock the new you
Youthful feelings can be brought back to many older people, and as eternal youth does not exist, a cosmetic touch-up can be the closest way of obtaining it. Many people, after cosmetic surgery will act younger and essentially be reliving their youth and this vitality is one of the benefits and transformation of this type of procedure.

Family and friends will notice a difference in the new you. Whether you use the makeup route or chose to have a basic cosmetic operation it can lead to compliments from people you don’t even know, which can be really social booster for you, and confirm the investment in yourself, whether it is ten dollars or thousands was well made.

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