Little Toader Review

One of my favorite times of the day is bed time. I love bedtime for many reasons. It’s the time to just settle down and relax. It’s one of the few times of the day that I can set down and cuddle with my very busy kids. First comes the PJs on. Second is crawling on the bed cuddling together. Finally is time to read a book. Little Toader Storybook PJ’s is a perfect combo/fit for that special moment at night. You got the PJs and a book to match!

The neatest thing about the PJs is that they tell a story. There is a picture of a tree, lion, and hippo with a child on its back. As you read the book you can go along and point out the characters in the book on their PJs.  They are unisex so it’s perfect gift for anyone.  They come in 4 different sizes ranging from 6months-2T.  These PJ’s are very soft making them nice and comfy for bedtime. They also have a slight grip texture on the feet to keep your child from slipping.

The book that comes with the Storybook PJ’s is called Adventures in Dreams. Its a cute story about a girl who has adventures whiles she sleeps. In this story she goes on a journey with a hippo named Boppo. My children love the story. I love the fact that it teaches them how to imagine and have a little journey of their own! The pictures in the book are the look of watercolor and in way looks like some child’s artwork. The look of it and the story of it is beautifully done. It can attract any kid’s eyes and ears!
 To learn more information you can check out their site and Facebook page.

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