Lighted Extendable 4 in 1 Snow Broom

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Baby, it is cold outside! Winter is here and along with that comes snow and ice and all of the joys of a winter wonderland.
Lighted Extendable 4 in 1 Snow Broom
This year we are ready for whatever Jack Frost can throw at us! We got a Lighted 4 in 1 snow broom, ice scraper, flashlight and emergency blinker tool from Snow Joe! This is a fantastic tool for your car. You are going to want to get one now, before the next snow storm hits. Let me tell you why:
This is so much easier to use than your average ice scraper. I love the lighted feature, making it so simple to clean your windshields and windows in a flash. I am a big fan of the emergency feature of the blinker, in the event that there is an accident, getting attention from a passing motorist is easier with this feature.
Lighted Extendable 4 in 1 Snow Broom
This unit retails for under $30 and can save your time when snow falls on your car. Less time spent fumbling with a flashlight and an ice scraper equals more time spent inside where it is warm as your car warms up!
Get your Lighted Extendable 4 in 1 snow broom and ice scraper at Snow Joe as well as many other useful products to make winter easier to handle.

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