Life’s A Beach

Who is ready to adventure out and enjoy this amazing weather. Rather it’s to get a some icecream for the whole family to enjoy in the backyard or a cold drink I hope to you help you out! In my hopes to help you out here is your chance to win a little extra cash ($15) for your pocket via Paypal.

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  1. My favorite thing to do in the summer would be to go to the pool swimming. It will be great when we can get back to it.

  2. My favorite thing is all the time my family spends together outside enjoying the sun and having fun.

  3. I have a little covered patio outside my back door and I love sitting out there with a cold drink and a good book.

  4. My favorite thing to do in summer is the same as all the other seasons and that is to go for a walk in the woods. My week isn’t complete unless I take a walk on the boardwalk at the Nature Center, stand by the water and feel refueled and refreshed by being in nature. Seeing the deer, chipmunks, ducks and other birds is also fun.

  5. We love to sit on our deck in the late afternoons once the sun is behind the trees. BTW, pins don’t work on this giveaway.

  6. I love to spend time with my grandson in the summer but I think this year will be a little different.

  7. My favorite thing in the summer is going to 6 Flags and Hershey Park with my daughter.

  8. My favorite thing to do in the summer is have a barbecue with some music on and watch the kids run around and play in their wading pool if its warm enough .

  9. I really love gardening. Even when it is very hot I like working outside and then coming in to cool off in the ac a few times each day.

  10. I don’t much like water. During the summer, this may sound strange, I just love to lay on warm asphalt. We live in the middle of nowhere, so 1 or 2 oclock pm, I just lay down and doze.

  11. My husband and I and our friends love to participate in cornhole tournaments. We meet so many fun people.

  12. My favorite thing is swimming, swimming and more swimming. (When will I be able to, I wonder)
    Thanks for the contest.

  13. One of my favorite summertime activities is going to garage sales and flea markets, all of which have been cancelled! Oh well!

  14. Usually it’s going to the beach, amusement parks & other things we can only do during the summer

  15. I love to go boating and water skiing in the summer on the lake on which my parents live.

  16. In the summer, my favorite thing to do is just sit outside on a sunny day with a good book. For me, there is no better way to enjoy the beautiful weather.

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