Do you find it hard to motivate your little one’s to do things like homework, bedtime routines, staying in bed all night and so forth? I know that I did and then a friend introduced me to kudobanz and I figured I’d give it a try. When we got our kit which included everything we needed for 1-2 kids to get started, we were very eager to give this system a try. This comes with 2 bands and your charms. This system uses positive reinforcement which encourages kids to do more things and helps them to have a more positive behavior. I mean honestly we even as adults like to be rewarded for doing something good. The first thing you want to do when your kit arrives is read the book that comes with your kit. The book is called The Adventures of Drago & George and the magical banz. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

I gave my daughter who is 10 the bracelet and explained to her that she earned pieces to go on the bracelet by simply following directions and doing things she was asked to do. For example sometimes getting her to try new foods at meal times is exhausting. We tried everything under the sun to get her to try new foods. We would make her sit at the table until she tried a bite, refuse to give her anything else, bribe her with candy and nothing worked. But the first night she had her kudobanz I told her if she would try just one bite of a new veggie she would earn a charm for her bracelet. She was excited and did it with no arguments or questions. I was surprised by this. Once your child earns 3 charms, you scan the charm and watch the magic kudo come to life. The kudos will unlock your child’s very own reward wheel in which you can customize.

This is so easy to use and I love it so much better than a sticker chart system because this way your child can always see how well they are doing because the banz is always on their wrist reminding them. Also it’s easy to give rewards when you are out in public. This can be used for children of all ages in fact my boys were so intrigued by it that they asked for one. They don’t wear theirs like their sister does but we reward them for doing things just like her and they each have their own reward wheel that has been customized to fit them. I decided to get his for Christmas Gifts this year for some of my nieces and nephews who have little one’s of their own and I’m so excited to see how well they love them. If you have kids I would recommend that you definitely give these a try I promise you won’t regret using them.

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