Are Your Kids Unwell? TLC Tips To Help Them Feel Better

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Are Your Kids Unwell? TLC Tips To Help Them Feel Better

No one likes feeling sick, having a horrible, hacking cough or struggling with such a severe headache that they can’t even open their eyes without wincing. It’s also a fact of life that out of everyone it’s children who tend to get ill the most, schools are germ factories, and it’s guaranteed to be at a time when you’re snowed under at work. Lots of kids have been known to push their luck, pretending to be sick so they can skip school but if they’re physically sick, are running a temperature, or feel sweaty then they need to be kept home.


Listen To Them


Children are often far more intuitive than we give them credit for so if they tell you they feel unwell it’s best you pay attention. After all, the last thing you want is to get vomit on your clothes, shoes or carpet so if kids tell you they feel sick get them to the bathroom ASAP. Unfortunately, not all children have good reflexes and accidents will happen but these can be lessened by placing a bucket, or large bowl in your son, or daughter’s room. Even if they aren’t nauseous right at that moment, it’s always best to be prepared.


Keep the room cozy, but not too hot as it could make them feel worse and keep them occupied with quiet time activities. We suggest reading, audiotapes, board games, DVD’s and ,if they’re feeling up to it, coloring books. Above all, let your child know you’re there for them, filling up their water bottle or bringing lighter blankets if the comforter too hot but try to take a break as looking after sick kids can be demanding.


Keep Their Fluids Up


If your child has been vomiting a lot or has a nasty case of diarrhea then they’ll have lost a lot of fluid, so you need to make sure that they are drinking plenty of water. You can even buy ORS rehydration drinks and fruit juices such as Pedialyte that’ll help to replace nutrients and electrolytes lost through illness. Liquid-based foods like ice cream, or fruit popsicles are also are a good choice for kids who are struggling to swallow as the cooling sensation will calm a sore throat. Plus it’s easier to digest than large cups of milk. Why milk? Milk is fantastic for settling the stomach and can be used to treat a variety of illnesses as well being nourishing and containing calcium which children need to grow healthy bones.


Don’t Stress About Food


While children are unwell, the last thing they want to think about is food especially if it’s just coming right back up. Liquid-based foods are your best bet such as soup, plain yogurt and, yes, more ice cream. Gradually, as they start to recover introduce bland, solid food back into their diet such as pasta, crackers, toast, bananas and plain pancakes. If they request a particular meal you’ll know they’ll soon be on the mend! Don’t wake them for food if they’re sleeping as sick children need plenty of rest for their bodies to recover and try not to stray too far from them just in case they need you.


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