Keep The Kids Amused. A Sure Way To A Peaceful Journey


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A family trip can be a dream if you get it right. When school kicks out, a holiday can seem like a great way to keep the kids happy. But what happens when they play up? The journey to your holiday destination could well be a long one, and the kids are sure to get bored. Make sure you’ve come up with some ways to keep your kids happy on the way there. Otherwise, you could end up not speaking to each other once you reach your destination.


A fantastic way to keep your kids happy on the way is to make them goodie bags. Fill these with portable treats that will keep them amused for the journey. Whether you’re driving in the car, or catching a plane, a goodie bag is portable and easy to keep in one place. There are so many options of what to include. Colouring books are always a good choice, but they’re by no means the only option. There are so many little puzzle toys you can buy that are sure to keep them distracted. Buying books and magazines is also a good idea. The aim here is to keep them distracted for as long as possible, especially if your journey is a long one. Keep the goodie bags a secret until the time comes. That way, they’ll be able to explore through unexpected treats. If you want to put some snacks in there too, try to stay away from sweets. Sweets are full of sugar and will fill your kids with energy, which is not what you want!


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There are so many car games you can play with your kids. Why not take the time to spend some quality time with your children on this trip? Check out these 10 really fun games to play on a GOGO Charter bus to give you some ideas. Card games are always a good choice, as are word games. This will be a lot easier on a plane or bus trip. If you’re in the car, make sure you come up with games that you can play from the front seat.


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A silent journey isn’t going to be fun for anyone. Setting up a playlist of music can be a great idea. Get your kids involved in this process, so they can enjoy listening as well. It’s so easy to set up a playlist on your phone, with a mixture of everyone’s choices. Put the playlist on shuffle, so there’s equal chance of everyone’s songs coming up. The kids are sure to get excited when their choice comes on.

You don’t have to spend hours coming up with ways to keep the kids happy. Taking a few simple steps beforehand will make life a lot easier for everyone. If your journey is a long one, it’s likely they’ll still get bored at some point. Keeping them amused for at least some of the trip will help, though!

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