Is Assisted Living Right for You?

Many senior citizens of Denver feel unsafe living alone but want to retain their independence as much as possible. Assisted living communities could be a perfect option. Consider the following to help you decide if assisted living is right for you or your loved one.


Assisted living can be expensive, and facilities do not accept payment from Medicare. Fortunately, it is possible to find some facilities that accept Medicaid for assisted living Denver. It is necessary to go through a lengthy application process to determine if you qualify for Medicaid. Either way, some advanced planning is required for anyone considering assisted living.


Assisted living apartments can accommodate various physical limitations. They include handrails in each room, efficient emergency systems, broad walkways and many additional features to help seniors move about safely.


Lack of physical activity can negatively impact the overall health of older adults. Assisted living facilities that offer group exercise classes make it easy for seniors to move their bodies in a comfortable and social environment. Regular low-impact exercise can strengthen weakening bones and prevent life-threatening falls.


Van or car services are available for residents’ medical appointments, errands and social activities. Seniors don’t need to be confined to their residence and can freely enjoy all that the city of Denver has to offer.


Seniors who live alone often eat what is convenient and avoid cooking for themselves. Assisted living facilities provide residents with well-balanced meals and proper nutrition. Most will be happy to accommodate special diets. Some apartments have small kitchens for residents that still wish to do some of their meal preparation.


For older adults living alone, physical limitations can make performing household chores daunting and unsafe. The fees of assisted living facilities include services such as cleaning and laundry to ensure a healthy physical environment.


As the name implies, senior living communities foster a sense of belonging and purpose for many adults that would otherwise feel isolated. Interacting with individuals in their age group allows seniors to participate in stimulating conversations and activities that interest them without feeling out of touch.

Peace of Mind

Children of aging adults often feel guilty about not being available to assist their parents during an emergency. Seniors share these concerns. Residents of senior living communities can rest assured that they have ample resources immediately available when they need them.

Assisted living communities may not be for everyone. Still, with so many reputable ones offering high-quality living options in Denver, they are worth exploring.

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