Invisible Glass Cleaner

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Nesting has hit and hit hard. For the past week my family and I have been cleaning and scrubbing this house. I can’t explain it, but I want it spotless!! One of the tools and cleaners that I have found that has come in handy is Invisible Glass Cleaner.


Superior cleaning power for windows, mirrors, and glass cooktops, tables, and doors! Leaves glass clean and clear with no streaks or haze.

Invisible Glass Cleaner

My Thoughts:

Ordinary glass cleaners contain scents or dyes, which smell and appear nice, but leave streaky residues that are hard to remove. Invisible Glass has no additives and that’s just one reason I love this cleaner. It truly does leave my mirrors and glass spotless. Plus there is no cleaner smell afterwords.

I got to try their reach and clean tool and I love it! Especially being 37 weeks pregnant it comes in pretty handy! The Reach & Clean Tool maximizes reach so I don’t have to strain to clean hard-to-reach glass.

Want clean and streak free glass? Than you will want to use Invisible Glass Cleaner!

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