I Want to be Your Friend!


Today is Thursday!! Why is this such a special day? If you ask my  three-year-old she will tell you it’s because she gets to go to tumbling. If you ask me, I will say because I get to watch her achieve  great things. She loves tumbling and is very good at it. Although today she did something that made me one proud momma! 

Zoey is a part of a tumbling class that has roughly 10 kids. Today there was a little girl who was scared and was crying. The class was lined up along the wall. Zoey was in the middle and this little girl was at the end. She was still crying. The teacher was in the middle of explaining how to do a certain exercise. Zoey real loud said, “I want to set by her” and pointed at the little girl crying. The teacher let Zoey move by this girl. Through out the class Zoey trying reassuring the little girl it would be okay. As we were leaving Zoey again told me “I want to give her a hug.” She quickly ran back to the girl and gave her a hug. Since then she has talked about her new friend. 

I was very proud that Zoey had put this little girls feelings into  consideration. I think as parents it’s very important to teach our kids to be passionate and care for others.  Instead of pointing fingers and laughing because someone is different, upset, or any other reason. I know a lot of us don’t teach our kids to be bullies, but they do observe our actions. It’s important to lead by an example.  I know we have heard this rule many times, but sometimes I think it gets forgotten. We need to remember the Golden Rule: Treat Others As You Would Want To Be Treated! If more people/children were taught and will remember this rule there would be a lot less bullies in the world! 

Zoey & Her New Friends


  1. I <3 Zoey!! And not just because she shares her name with my Zoe!

    It is moments like that which make you so proud to be a parent and know that you are doing something right!! 🙂

  2. This goes to show that she’s going to be a spectacular big sister if your littlest lady gets scared during these kinds of activities.

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