How to survive on one family income?!

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I have three kids: a five year old, a three year old, and a one year old. I live in a town where there is a grain elevator, a work shop, lumber yard, school, and post office. Most of these place are family owned and run. So finding a job is hard unless I want to drive thirty miles to the nearest town. We have to stay here because my husband is the physical education teacher at the school. Once we did the math with driving and babysitter we decided that it would be cheaper for me to be a stay at home mom. Which in itself is a job, but no income. So here we are a five member family with one income. How do we do it?

Sometimes I wonder how we get by. It’s not that easy, but worth all the work. I get to be at home with my kids and never miss a moment of my kids life. It requires allot of playing and using allot of coupons. I mean allot! Every Sunday I get the newspaper, but it seems to never be enough. So I started looking online and you will be surprise what kind of sales you can find online. I learned real quick that shopping online is the way to go. If you are a one family income buying some bigger appliances that need replace can really kill your budget for the month.  One way to make it a little easier on someones budget is using online coupon code sides. One of the best ones I found is  offers a verity of codes. On you can find coupon codes for about every need you may have. It has codes that can help you with shipping cost or a certain percentage off a dollar amount. They have codes for several different stores so you are bound to find a code for whatever store or need you may have!

There are several ways you can stretch your income. One major thing is to start planning!! Plan what you are going to buy in the grocery store. Set a household budget of what you are going to spend and on what. Also always shop around and try to find the better deal. Never buy the item at the first place you see it. It could be cheaper at another store. Since I started buying online and using coupon codes it has helped us stretch our single monthly income were we can possibly go on a summer vacation this year! I think the kids will be very pleased!


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    I always play the coupon game when I shop. I usually try for online coupon, buy thru someone who gives points or cash back, buy with a cash back credit card and then pay it off in full to reap the largest reward. Not always easy… but I challenge myself to do it!
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