How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Like New

If you have carpet in your home, then you are likely no stranger to the challenges involved with keeping it clean. Carpet is great for many reasons, not the least of which being that it helps to keep heat trapped in your home and allows you to walk around without making your feet cold. However, the fibres of carpet trap dirt, dust, and debris, making them appear dingy and dirty.

Not only can carpets go from looking brand new to old and dirty in no time, but the dust they accumulate can result in poor air quality in your home. The good news is that there are several things you can do to help keep your carpets looking like new throughout the year.

Carpet Looking Like New

Spot Clean

There are certainly rooms in your house that see more traffic than others. Hallways and your living room, for instance, likely have people walking through them on a regular basis. Because of this, such spaces are going to be more prone to accidents like spills and crumbs. You want to make sure to address such issues as quickly as possible so that stains don’t set in.

If there has been a spill that has gone unnoticed until it is too late, not all hope is lost. You can bring in the experts to get out any tough stains that might have occurred on your carpets. You can easily find expert stain removal London to help remove those tough, set-in stains that you are unable to remove yourself. This will go a long way to helping your carpets stay looking fresh.

Keep Shoes Off

One of the best things that you can do for your carpets is to have your family and any guests that enter the house remove their shoes upon entry. This might be a bit of an inconvenience, but if you consider the amount of dirt and mud that can easily be tracked inside and all over your carpets when someone walks around in shoes they were just wearing outside, you won’t find this rule difficult to enforce.

If you are the type of person who likes to wear supportive shoes while you are busy in the house, you can still get the support you need without bringing in unwanted dirt from the outdoors. Just simply have a designated pair of trainers or supportive slip-on shoes that you only wear inside. You can keep these shoes by the door when you leave so you can make a quick swap whenever you come inside.

Invest in a Quality Vacuum

If you haven’t yet done so, you should definitely invest in a quality vacuum so that you can maintain your carpets better. While you might think that any old vacuum will do the trick for routine carpet cleaning, you would be surprised to find just how well you can keep your carpets clean with the right vacuum. You will need to research models until you find one which fits your own personal price point, but be prepared to make an investment in a new vacuum that will help you to keep your carpets looking like new.

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