How to Bring Greek Coffee to Your Home from Vacation


Approximately 22 million people visit Greece each year. If you are looking for a place that has great food, drink and tons of historical appeal, then Greece is definitely a destination you should consider. The people who visit this iconic spot in the world are usually surprised at just how different the beverage options in this country are.

Greek coffee is something most people tend to fall in love while on vacation in this part of the world. If you are trying to bring the great taste of Greek coffee home with you after a vacation, check out the helpful information below.

The Equipment You Need to Make Greek Coffee

Before you can start making this tasty beverage on a daily basis, you will need to invest in the right equipment. Getting a small coffee pot known as a briki or a high-quality drip coffee maker is crucial. If you are in the market for a drip coffee maker that is easy to use and durable, then be sure to check out the selection at

You will also need a reliable source of gas to cook the coffee over. Having a small espresso cup to put your Greek coffee in is also important. Once you have all of this equipment in place, you will be ready to start the brewing process.

Choosing the Right Type of Coffee

Getting the right coffee grounds to use during this process is also important. You will need a very fine grind when trying to make Greek coffee. Ideally, you want to choose a blend that features either Greek, Arab or Turkish style beans. The most popular brands of actual Greek coffee on the market are Bravo and Loumidis.

In some cases, you can find this brand of coffee on eCommerce sites like Amazon or even World Market. The type of coffee used will dictate just how good your beverage is. This is why you need to spend some time researching all of your options before selecting a blend to use.


Putting it Altogether

Once you have all of your equipment and coffee grounds in place, it will be time to put it all together. Here is a rough outline of what you need to do to make a good cup of Greek coffee.

·        Start with a full cup of water. Pour the water into your drip coffee maker.

·        Add around 2 teaspoons of coffee and sugar to the pot. If you like your coffee a bit stronger, you may want to increase this amount. Turn your stove burner to low heat.

·        Boil until you start to see foam rising to the top of the pot. Let the bubbles in the post settle off of the heat and then put it right back on.

·        Leave the pot on heat for around a minute or so and then remove.

·        Pour into a small coffee cup and serve.

Ways You Can Add Flavor To Your Greek Coffee

If you are looking for unique ways to make your Greek coffee more flavorful, you need to add cream or even some syrup. Luckily, there are tons of products on the market designed to make coffee sweeter and richer. Choosing the right things to add to your coffee will require you to experiment a bit.

Start Brewing Today

Not only is Greek coffee delicious, it is also good for you in moderation. The time and energy you invest in making this drink will be worth it considering how great it will taste. As time goes by, making Greek coffee will come easy.

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