How Can You Cut the Costs of Sending the Kids Back to School?

Sending the kids back to school can be expensive, especially if they have their eyes set on the latest expensive accessory or trend. However, sending your kids back to school does not have to be bank-breaking, and here are some of the best ways that you can slash the costs of everything from fountain pens to their uniforms.

  • Look for Discounts on School Supplies

Your child will likely have an extensive list of the must-have equipment that they need for the upcoming year. From scientific calculators to compasses, the list of school supplies can seem endless- and endlessly expensive- for parents. Whether you are buying from a school-approved list or simply catering to your child’s whims, you can get a substantial discount on school supplies by using Staples coupons. These will allow you to take advantage of a variety of offers on everything that your child needs to make notes, complete activities, and learn to the best of their ability.

  • Find Hand Me Downs

Uniform is starting to become more compulsory in American schools. If your kids wear a uniform to school, you will know that is one of the largest expenses of the school year. Not only does your child seem to grow out of their uniform every few months, but most public and private schools have a uniform list, which includes many branded items. Then, you can find a uniform for a fraction of the RRP by swapping clothes with other moms and buying old clothing from those who have children in older years. Many uniform stores also sell used clothing. 

  • Buy Supplies Late

If you are still looking for uniform and school supplies in September, you are lucky. Many of the sales on stationery and clothing happen in September once the kids have all returned to school. This is then the perfect time to get a bargain for your kids. You could even think ahead and buy long-lasting products for your kids to use during the next school year. However, you should remember that you may have less choice over the items on offer if you wait to buy supplies during the sale. 

  • Use What You Already Have

The cost of back-to-school shopping is over $1,000 on average. However, many parents decide to go back-to-school shopping without even considering the equipment that they already have at home. This leaves them paying out for unnecessary supplies, as well as owning an abundance of pens and pencils that they don’t need. To limit this, you should create a checklist of equipment that you already have before you go shopping to ensure that you are only buying what your child needs.

  • Avoid Brands

Although your kid might be nagging you for the latest branded pair of shoes or the trendiest backpack, these are often the most expensive. Instead, you should consider swapping these for unbranded alternatives. To keep your kid happy, there are usually many replicas of fashionable branded items in stores and online, ensuring that you can save money while preventing your kids from feeling left out at school.

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