Household Money Saving Tips

This year I started a mission. I will be debt free and starting to buy a house in three years! I am pretty determined to do this. With that being said I have started to look into several ways to save money. Abby Evans wrote a wonderful guest piece for me on a couple money saving tips to help out my readers to save money. Just like I am doing! Author Abby Evans is a mother and freelance journalist currently reviewing money saving options for her family.

Household Money Saving Tips

Saving money is applicable to everyone. Being financially savvy, especially in this current economy, is rewarding. While there are obvious ways to save money, there are easy household tips to keeping a few more dollars in the bank to use for a rainy day.

Change Your Television Provider

Getting rid of cable all together, while perhaps saving a significant amount of money, means losing out on current news, watching real time TV shows, sports, and awards shows. Instead, consider looking for ways to cut the bill in half such as satellite TV. Check out a satellite provider’s web site and be amazed at how their prices compare with cable.

Do Not Stray From The List

When going shopping, make sure to have a written list instead of wandering around the store. Without a list, people are more likely to purchase superfluous items and spend twice as much as they would have if they stuck to the list. To save even more money, check weekly store coupons and create meal recipes around what is on sale. And, never go grocery shopping while hungry. Chances are those cravings will turn into unhealthy, expensive additional purchases.

Stay In

Instead of going out and spending big money on kid’s entertainment, create inexpensive ideas to do at home. Instead of spending money on movie tickets, spend a dollar at Red Box, make different types of popcorn, and create a pillow fort on the floor. It is different than a usual evening at home but less expensive than a family date at the theater.

Put Money In A Vacation Jar

For all members of the family, have a vacation jar sitting in a prominent location. Whenever anyone has spare change or a couple of bucks, put it in the jar as savings for a fun vacation. And, whatever is in the jar determines how big or small the vacation is.

Shop—In The Closet

Pull everything out of the closet and spend time going through what you already own. Instead of shopping for new clothes or shoes, see what is hidden in the back of the closet. Hidden gems get lost in the back of a closet all the time and rediscovering them is like a shopping trip all in its own.

This is a perfect time to find items that have not been worn in a substantially long period of time. If in good condition, these can be sold to consignment shops or used clothing stores.

Cancel Unused Memberships

Even if you think you might use them someday, if you have club memberships, gym memberships, or online memberships that you have not used in a long time, cancel them. They can always be reinstated at a later date.

Or, look for cheaper memberships. Small gyms especially have low membership rates and low attendance which means first pick at the best machines.

There are hundreds of ways to save money, and even if it is a low amount for each, that can easily add to a huge amount.

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