House Proud: Keeping Child-Resistence And Style At The Top Of The Pile

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House Proud: Keeping Child-Resistence And Style At The Top Of The Pile

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As your family grows, a lot of things go out of the window. You have no time left to spend on yourself. Most of your money is drained trying to support the little ones. And, of course, you don’t have a personal space anymore. That’s gone to the kids! But, even with all of these problems, it’s important to make sure that you stay houseproud. But, with limited time and funds, this can be hard. So, this post will be going through some small home improvements that can be made without too much fuss!


  • Furniture


When it comes to making a room look good, most people don’t worry too much about the furniture in the room. But, as some of the biggest items in it, the furniture you use will drastically change the look of a room. With children, though, you probably don’t want to be spending big bucks on furniture. Over time, children will slowly destroy these items. So, it’s also important to make sure that what you buy can be replaced without any trouble.


This means that the best way to go as a new family is secondhand. In most cases, secondhand furniture will be much cheaper than new alternatives. And, it will also be much more durable. Furniture that’s already lived for a long time has proven it’s build quality. If you find a very old piece of furniture that’s in good shape, you’ve likely found a gem. Having something that isn’t shiny and new will make it much easier to cope when the kids do their work and ruin it!


  • A Lick Of Paint


For the most part, renovating a room can usually be a case of a simple lick of paint. Walls are some of the fastest degrading parts of the house. Over time, it’s easy for walls to become stained by light and other elements. Giving your rooms a bit of a facelift with a lick of paint can make them look fully renovated.


Of course, it can be a challenge to do DIY with kids around. But, modern paint is much faster drying than older equivalents. So, it only really takes a day or two before your house is safe for the kids again. The job itself will usually only take a few hours, depending on the colours you’re using and what was there before. And, with a little bit of help, the job will be even quicker. This sort of work is incredibly cheap to carry out. You just need some brushes and a couple of cans of paint.

House Proud: Keeping Child-Resistence And Style At The Top Of The Pile

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  • A Good Clean


It can be very hard to notice how dirty a room is until it’s been cleaned. Of course, nobody wants to live in a dirty home. But, when life takes over, a lot of us don’t have a choice. Time is a funny thing, though. When you really want to do something, it’s easy to find the time. So, you may have to be a little hard on yourself to carry out a big clean.


Cleaning a house from top to bottom is a great way to make it sparkle again. And, once the work is done, you only have to keep doing little things to keep your house clean. This will make your home more pleasant and safe for your children. If you really don’t have time, you can always get some help, too. Professional cleaning companies can clean an entire house in a matter of hours. This gives you a chance to keep the kids out of the house, and get the entire place ship-shape!


  • Funding It All/Something Bigger


Most houses have at least one big job that needs to be done. Whether it’s old windows that need replacing or dangerous woodwork that needs seeing to. These jobs are usually pushed to the back of the mind because of their price and enormity. But, it’s not worth doing this. A lot of building problems can become much bigger if they’re left unchecked. So, it’s worth checking out a company like LendingTree, who can help you find a way to fund ventures like this. When it comes to your home, it’s worth investing time and money. Ultimately, you’ll be making your home a better space for your family.


Hopefully, this will inspire you to start making changes around your home. You child’s safety and comfort are very important, especially to you as a parent. You have a responsibility to keep your family happy, and this is part of it. You’ll feel much better once you’ve got some of these little things sorted out!

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