Home Design Trends of 2019

2019 has been characterised by vibrant and dynamic design trends that can bring any home interior to life. Whether you love to fill your home with bright and bold colours or prefer muted greys, there is a 2019 trend for you. As the environment has been on everyone’s mind this year, design trends have often reflected and embraced the natural world.

This includes everything from inviting nature into our homes to recycling materials and repurposing objects. Regardless of your current interior style, there will be a contemporary design trend that will work in your home – here are some of the best styles to pick from.

The ‘Eco’ Home

This design trend is derived from a lifestyle which is increasingly popular and has resulted in amazing eco-friendly properties around the world. Sustainability is at the heart of nearly every contemporary architect’s work. By decorating your home with sustainable furniture and materials you are not only making your home look on-trend, you are also benefitting the environment and helping to curb carbon emissions.

So, how do you incorporate an ‘eco’ home style into your interior? The first thing you must do is look at your existing spare furniture and any wood you have in your garden or basement. Sort through spare materials and try to think as creatively as possible. It is important not to buy anything new, but second-hand shops and auctions are a great way to find unusual objects with character. These objects can then be repurposed in to unique furniture that will look gorgeous in any room of the house.

Monochrome Interiors

This minimalist style has become one of the biggest crazes of 2019. It is built on the premise that filling each room with just one colour will create a sophisticated ambiance in your home. The style is championed by celebrities such as Kim West, who boasts a minimalist home which is painted from ceiling to floor in grey. You can choose any colour to use throughout your home and it creates an aura of continuity within any interior.

Monochrome interiors don’t need to be boring and you can enjoy the challenge of finding furniture and tiles that will fit with your select colour scheme. Popular colours to choose for a monochrome theme include:

  • Grey – this is an elegant choice for modern homes
  • White – giving your home a clean and fresh finish
  • Beige – a slightly warmer choice that will give your home a cosy feel
  • Pastel Shades – these add an air of sophistication and comfort

Natural Wonder

Bringing a touch of natural wonder to your home is one of the most beautiful ways you can choose to decorate your home. From building a tree house to designing a bespoke Water Garden for the outside space, the possibilities are diverse and you can be as creative as you like. If you do not have access to an outdoor space you can fill your home with succulents and house plants.

Some of 2019’s biggest trends will be strong enough to maintain a fashionable status for decades so it is worth thinking of them when updating home decor.

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