Herb Garden in a Can

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I have wished for a garden many times in my adult life, only to know deep in my heart, that with kids, a dog and a small yard, my garden would be destined to be trampled on, should I plant one.
Luckily for people in a situation like mine can have their yard and a garden too without worrying about the kids or pets getting into the mix!
Herb Garden in a Can
Back to the Roots offers garden in a can sets and mushroom growing kits to make all of your gardening dreams come true without much required in terms of space and supplies!
We got the herb garden in a can set which features basil, cilantro, sage or dill in these handy cans you plant them in for an easy way to grow fresh herbs anywhere! You can buy them individually or in a 4 pack set!
Herb Garden in a Can
We also got a mushroom farm kit, which allows you to grow 2 harvests of oyster mushrooms in a box. This is so cool! I love fresh mushrooms so growing them in my kitchen was a learning experience with delicious results!
If you want to garden with limited space, check out all that Back to the Roots has to offer. You will love gardening like this!

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