Helix DNA Kit Geno 2.0 by National Geographic

Have you ever wondered about your Ancestry or what your DNA could tell you about you? I was so happy to try the Helix DNA Kit Geno 2.0 by National Geographic. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


This product is so awesome, so easy to use and it was really exciting to get the results to see where your ancestors come from, where your history is at. I love that you get a map with percentages so that you can see all the different things about yourself. How awesome is it that just from our DNA we can see where our ancestors came from, to learn about our heritage so easily. It’s fun for me but it was also fun for my kids, because they can now see on my side what heritage we have. It’s so awesome so fun and so educational for you and your family.


This kit comes in the mail and is so easy to use. All you have to do is first get online and register your kit, this way you can get access to all your information once your testing is finished. Then you provide your Saliva sample, seriously it’s so easy you just spit into a tube and you’re done. How cool is that it’s that simple and easy to do. Then you ship it off and once Helix is done sequencing your DNA they you will get an email from National Geographic to view your results. You will get a map with percentages and possibly stories about where you came from and who you could be related to. It’s really a neat thing to do and so worth it if you ask me.


Helix makes a great gift for anyone who is wanting to learn more about themselves and about their heritage. It’s always fun to see who you are and where you come from your DNA and with this it’s really neat since National Geographic provides you with a map and percentages of where all your DNA comes from. Plus you do it from the comfort of your own home which is nice. I finally convinced my Husband to do this so we can see his side of the family and I am so excited to see his results once we finally get them back. It is so worth the wait trust me, you will be glad this is something that you did.


  1. I never knew that National Geographic had DNA tests available. I was fortunate enough to find a different company that was doing them for free with the exception of answering some easy surveys. I received my results and am amazed at all the information I was able to obtain. I was concerned about health issues and I unfortunately learned what I suspected. I would recommend DNA testing to anyone who not only wants to learn about their heritage, but so many other things as well!

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