Have you tried Uncle Matt’s Organic Juice??

My kids love juice! Well let’s be honest here. What kid doesn’t love juice? But have you asked yourself how safe regular juice is? Have you thought about trying organic juice? I recently had a chance to try Uncle Matt’s Organic Juice and was impressed with what I learned.

My kids favorite juice is orange juice. So, I tried Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange Juice. I was impressed with the taste. I thought it tasted pretty good and my kids didn’t notice a difference. They thought it tasted great and wanted more of it. I loved that it was organic. Over the past few weeks I have researched more about organic food and products. Uncle Matt’s site has some important information on it that I found useful.

Why Organic? 10 Reasons You Should Buy Organic Food

1. Protect Future Generations

2. Prevent Soil Erosion

3. Protect Water Quality

4. Save Energy

5. Keep Chemicals Off Your Plate

6. Protect Farm Worker Health

7. Help Small farmers

8. Support a True Economy

9. Promote Biodiversity

10. Better Flavor : That’s the truth! I have tried several products and I have been nothing but happy with the taste off it. And the best part is they all have been kid approved.

So I ask again; what kid doesn’t love juice? So why not give them something that not only taste better but is also safer for your little one.  I know from my personal thoughts and experience the first thing that came to mind was money. Organic stuff tend to be more expensive. But when I thought about it and how much better it is for my family I know it’s worth it!!

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