Are you looking for a great gift for your dog or maybe you got a new dog and are looking for some great things for them. Sniff and Barkens has a bucket they sell that comes with six different toys for you dog. Plus the bucket is 5 gallons and is great for either storing the toys or storing dog food in which is what we do. It’s easy to open and keeps things nice. Your dog will enjoy the goodies that are provided in this bucket and so will you. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Hartz Chew

Hartz chew and clean are the perfect chew toy for your dog. They get the fun out of chewing them and they get clean teeth. Now it’s easy to make sure your dog has clean healthy teeth with the help of this chew toy. Are dog loves to play with his Hartz Chew and Clean bones. He will sit in his dog bed and just chew away at it. Does your dog love chew toys, this was one of my favorite things that we got.

Hartz Chew

How about toys that you and your dog or your child and dog can play with together. Our bucket came with two toys that our son and dog love playing tugawar with. I like that our dog has toys to chew on and I don’t have to worry about him tearing them up since they are his. His favorite toy though is the Hartz Bacon Scented ball. My dog loves to play fetch with this and to just lay and chew on it. It’s a really neat ball that our dog seams to really love. This really is a great deal and is something anyone with a dog should get.

Hartz Chew

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