Guaranteeing A Gourmet German Gastronomic Trip

So you’re on your way to Germany. There are sights you want to see, music you want to hear, things you want to experience. But most importantly, there’s food you want to eat. Germany is a treasure trove of delicious dishes and fantastic cuisine, so it’s important to have an idea of where you want to go and what you want to sample before you start.

Try Out Local Hot Spots

Of the many foods to try in Germany, a top tip from locals is to stay local. This is true for most travel destinations, but you’re more likely to get the most authentic version of a dish the farther you go from the beaten path. Ask residents of the area you’re visiting what their favorite restaurants are. Get the locals talking! Make some friends and find places that you wouldn’t see on your average traveling guide. You can also check out the useful infographic linked here, which shows an interactive map of foods in relation to places in Germany.

Embrace Variety

If you take a look at some of the best German restaurants, one thing you’ll notice is that they’re all incredibly varied. This is great for the adventurous traveler, since it would be difficult for you to run out of options to try. If you’re feeling like having something rustic and hearty, there are restaurants out there for you. If you decide you want to do something a little fancier, there are places that cater to that, too. Take a look around and see what’s available in your area. Be daring and try some places you might not have thought to try before.

Know Where The Specialties Are

For the ultimate German food experience, you should know which areas of the country specialize in what type of food. If the area you’re visiting boasts about having world-famous Spätzle, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to try it, right? Every area will have its own specialty, whether it’s a dish, a strain of vegetable, a type of meat, or a unique process that only they use to make a certain product. Do some research ahead of time to figure out your must-have food items, and build your trip from there.

Go For Seasonal

The best dishes are usually the seasonal ones, and Germany certainly knows that. Many places that serve food will offer special seasonal-only dishes, making use of the rich variety of produce available during any given time in a year. Ask shops what their specialties are. Check around to see what sort of fruits or vegetables are going to be in season when you’re in the country. It might also help to visit certain restaurants or shops earlier in the day, when their produce is the freshest. However, many places also get food deliveries throughout the day in order to ensure that guests only get the most optimum of ingredients.

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