Going Back To Work After Baby: What Are Your Options

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When you’ve just had a baby, and you’ve taken some time off of your career, it’s not always that easy to know when to go back. At the same time, if you’ve been out of work since having all of your children and it’s been a few years, you may even be wondering what you should do next. Because there’s nothing like starting a family and changing your focus to throw a spanner in the works when it comes to your career. Some women will want to pick up right where they left off, but not everyone wants to do this. You have a new life now, and new priorities and the choices you make going forwards often need to reflect that. So where does that leave you?


Well, if you have to go back to work because you need the money, or you want to for the enjoyment of doing your job, then you’re going to want to really think about the options you have available. Because going back to your old job might not be the only avenue available to you. Combining your experience, education, and interests, you may find that a new career option you never thought of before is exactly what you were looking for.


Going Back Into Your Job


The first option you have is to go back into your job. This is something that many people will do. When you’ve left to have your first child and you’ve taken your maternity allowance, going back is often a condition to receiving that. But, if you’ve taken more time off, and they’ve expressed that they would love to have you back in the future, even if it’s been a few years you could definitely think about going back and working for the same company, or even another company but doing the same thing you did before baby.


Going Part Time


Another popular option is to go back part-time. This often appeals to most mothers that are looking to find a perfect balance between working to make some money and enjoy time away from being a mom, but also being able to spend enough time with their baby or children. Working part-time has its pros and cons, so you just have to think about weighing up what will work out best for you.



Not Working At All


The third most common option that moms often find themselves faced with is not working at all. Now, you may be looking to consider your working options after baby, but not-working is often a viable option. This stay at home calculator could help you to decide if you can financially afford it. It’s also worth considering the cost of childcare too, as this can determine whether heading back out to work is financially worthwhile. However, if your other half’s salary covers more than what you need, and you’d really like to stay at home with your kids, then this could be the perfect solution for you after all.


Going Back To School


Next, you could think about going back to school. Some moms will feel like this is taking a step back, but it’s really an investing in your future. After having kids, your priorities change, and you really do have a license to step back and start again. Whether you’ve had a change of plan to what you did before you had kids, or you want to do something that suits your new lifestyle, going back to school, evening in the evenings is a great way to do that.


Studying At Home


If the idea of going back to school is a bit too much, then you might prefer the idea of studying at home. Thanks to the digital world, our home study options are better than ever. Course content wise, they even rival some of the best universities out there. In fact, some of the best universities in the country allow you to study at home via their online degrees. So this could be a serious option for you too.



Looking For A New Job


But you could also think about looking for a new job altogether. It could be related to something that you did before, or not. If you’re just simply looking for work with hours that suit you and want to get out of the house, an entry-level position doing something easy and laid-back could be exactly what you need at this stage in your life.


Retraining For Something New


Another idea could be to get some training for something completely different. Some jobs will require that you have a specific training, while others may be able to use the skills you learn in your past career or qualifications. So if you’re wondering what professions complement a BSN in nursing? and you don’t want to go back to it; you may find that a job in teaching is more to your taste. So be sure to consider all of your avenues.


Learning A New Skill


From here, you could also think about learning a new skill. Sometimes, when you decide to learn how to write fiction or sew, for example, it can inspire you to start a new career off the back of it. So whether you think it will lead to a career or not, getting into something new could be really great for you at this stage.




Pursuing A Passion


When you’re looking to go back to work after having kids, it’s often a great idea to think about pursuing a passion that you wish you’d done years ago. Whether you’re 25 or 45, it’s never too late. You’ll have plenty of working years ahead of you, so deciding to do something now that you’d wish you’d done before is always a good idea.


Starting Your Own Business


And finally, you could always think about starting your own business. This could be related to the skills and job experience that you already have, such as accounting, or something completely new, like starting a baking business. Either way, when you’re a stay at home mom, going into business for yourself can often work out well.


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