Getting the Kids Through That Dreaded Trip to the Dentist

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When you have kids, there are going to be stressful and traumatic moments in their lives. These are moments you’re going to need to prepare them for and try to get them through. One of the big ones is going to be a trip to the dentist. This is never pleasant, and it doesn’t matter if they’ve gone before, they’re still going to hate it.

So you need to come up with ideas you can use to help get them through these dreaded trips to the dentist. Here are some tactics I would recommend using that I have had some success with in the past.

Give Them Plenty of Warning

When you arrange an appointment you need to let the children know as soon as possible. Springing it on them the day before is only going to panic them and lead to a tantrum. Try to give them as much warning and preparation as you can. They need to prepare themselves for the trip so it’s vital to give them that time. However, at the same time, you don’t want them thinking about things too much.

Explain the Benefits

You need to explain to your kids the benefits of caring for their teeth. It’s important that you make it clear that the dentist is a necessary part of life. They will need to get used to going now as they will need to visit more when they get older. It’s so essential to have good and healthy teeth, and that’s why trips to the dentist are a necessary evil. Try to explain this to the children as much as you can.

Promise Them a Reward

Another good tactic to use with kids is to offer them rewards and incentives. This has proven effective in other facets of their lives, and should be very effective here too. Make sure you promise them a treat or reward for being brave at the dentist. Obviously it should be something small, and not sweets! The idea of securing a reward is going to make the children more likely to see it through with minimal fuss.

Choose the Right Practice

When you want to choose a dental practice for the kids it’s vital to choose the right place. It needs to be somewhere child-friendly where the kids will feel comfortable. I would suggest you look for a family dentistry in the area. They will provide the perfect environment for parents and their kids. Making sure you choose somewhere child-friendly is a huge part of the process of making the experience more bearable.

Hold Their Hand

Your children will look to you for comfort and protection in trying times. And when they’re at the dentist they’re going to be pretty distressed. So you need to make sure you’re in the room with them when they have work done. Hold their hand and try to sooth them by talking to them. You’ll be surprised by just how effective this approach can be. It’s a crucial way of helping them to feel better and less distressed.

Getting the Kids Through That Dreaded Trip to the Dentist

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Taking your kids to the dentist can be a nightmare whether it’s their first trip of their twenty-first. No children enjoy it, but it’s an unfortunate necessity. So you need to look at ways in which you can make the experience less terrible for them. And you should use these ideas to help you with that.

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    I’m really nervous for taking my toddler to the dentist. My husband keeps telling me I’ve got nothing to worry about. His family dentist is the same guy he’s been going to since he was a little boy. I like the ideas for the kids – do you have anything for getting mommy through the trip to the dentist?


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