Get ready for Go-GURT at McDonalds

Disclosure: I was sent all of the items mentioned above for free in exchange for my open and honest opinion. 

This summer on 4th of July we got to celebrate our freedom in several ways. McDonald’s started giving parents the freedom to choose a healthier option for their kids in their happy Meals.  “Happy” McDonald’s new animated Happy Meal character is trying to encourage kids to enjoy fruit, veggies, low-fat dairy, water and juice. He is committed to help children to learn how to live an active healthy lifestyle! Ironically yogurt is one of the very few things my son will eat, so I was pretty excited to be given the chance to try out their new yogurt.

Get ready for Go-GURT at McDonalds

About Go-Gourt Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt:

This Go-GURT Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt is made exclusively for McDonald’s, contains 50 calories, has 25 percent less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt* and is made with natural flavor. Guests have more options for sides in kids’ meals – they can choose either Go-GURT Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt or apple slices, or choose both together as their sides in place of a kid-size fry.

Get ready for Go-GURT at McDonalds

My Thoughts:

Last month was pretty hectic for us. Every Tuesday we were off to a town that was an hour away for my daughter’s dance and tumble class. I was always crunch for time and never had a chance to cook, so more often than not we visited the local McDonald’s. Ordering a happy meal for my kids was pretty easy. They had several different options of both healthy and less healthier food. My favorite part about it was that they were still getting some french fries, but just less. It was teaching them to eat more of the healthier foods (such as the yogurt) and less of the non healthy foods. It also taught them that you can have stuff like fries, but in moderation. The Go-Gurt was super easy for my kids to eat in the vehicle without making a mess. (Always a plus for us moms!) The last time I we visited McDondald’s I caught my son asking for yogurt instead of the fries. Needless to say that made me pretty happy. Overall I as pretty pleased with this option because you can still have the convenience of fast food, but you are still making healthier choices.

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