Get Ready For Summer with Nuby

Summer is near and keeping my kids hydrated and happy is on my mind. We spend a lot of time dashing from practices to games, and with a little one in the stroller, having convenient options for him is really important to the entire family. A hot and thirsty baby can make for a long, hot game! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

The Nuby Thirsty Kids flip it active cup is perfect for keeping the little guy with a drink at his disposal. This cup is easy to sip from and is super durable for an active mover and shaker like Little Lee. It holds 12 ozs of his favorite drinks with no spills for a fuss free experience.

Having an arsenal of cups means the little one is always ready to roll off to the next event. He love the Nuby Spongebob Flip It No Spills cup. It is functional and colorful, featuring a funny character that always makes his smile, and his older siblings a little jealous of the 9 oz cup. This one is easy to sip from and easy to clean for the win.

While Little Lee is cheering his siblings on, he can chew to his hearts content with the Nuby Fruity Chew. I love that it is vanilla scented for a calm and happy boy. This is a great option for teething toddlers as it is made to last, it is fun to chew and it is an all engaging sensory experience.

When the time comes to add first solids to the diet, the Nuby EZ Squee-z is a great way to let baby explore new foods with ease. This is perfect for fruits and veggies and makes eating a fun event. I love that the EZ Squee-z is easy to clean and ease to transport for on the go feeding.

With a toddler in the mix a cup accessory lime Keep Eez is a must. Think of it like a leash for the cup, it keeps it off of the ground, clean and easy for your little one to retrieve as needed. Featuring a childproof release button, this is a must have for moms that are on the go!

There are so many easy ways to make summer hydration fun and functional with the Nuby brand! Which of these options sounds like a good fit for your family?

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